Christopher the Conquered

Des Moines, Iowa
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Performing: Nationwide Stage, Saturday, July 11 at 6:00 p.m.

Des Moines, Iowa’s Christopher the Conquered (Christopher Ford) has been sitting behind the keys and saying what he can say since he released his debut album I Guess That’s What We’re Dying For… in 2007. In 2008, Christopher sat in on drums with The Poison Control Center for a national tour supporting The Apples In Stereo; when they got home, he and Patrick Tape Fleming (of The PCC and Gloom Balloon) went to work on a follow-up album, You’re Gonna Glow In The Dark, which found a lot of love, with writing “…let it come pouring through your speakers, and you’ll experience one of the most enjoyably off-kilter albums of indie rock you’re likely to find this year…”. It led to The Conquered growing from a one man band to a 9 piece pop-soul outfit.

Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band went on to tour the country with Leslie & the LY’s and play hundreds of shows, along with recording a couple of Daytrotter sessions. All that culminated in 2012’s The Fate of a Good Man, Christopher’s most sincere effort by far. In addition to its music videos being featured on Magnet Magazine’s website and Consequence of Sound, the album received stacks of thumbs-up reviews (see Quotes).

Following the release of Fate, Christopher went on to work on a variety of musical projects, contributing original instrumental music to the production of the Des Moines Social Club’s original play ‘MethLab’, which the Des Moines Register called “absorbing” and “effective drama”. His song “Treasure Catcher” was used in the filmTurtle Hill: Brooklyn, which received thumbs up reviews from a variety of critics, including Village Voice. The New York Times wrote: “The multicultural slice of Americana, the low-budget ethos and the reluctance to sell cheap pleasures are part of a commendable reach for truth.”

Now, Ford is back to where he started to share his songs in their purest form, the way they were written: one voice and eighty-eight keys. And his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. His solo sets have impacted thousands of people with their intimacy and grace: The Lincoln Journal-Star noted his as the best performance at Lincoln Calling Fest 2012.

Christopher the Conquered also continues to perform regularly with a rhythm section and various arrangements of His Black Gold Brass Band, in addition to solo piano shows. He has toured the United States of America 4 times since 2010 and abroad in Italy, Ireland, and Canada. View upcoming and past tour dates here.

Over the course of 2013, Christopher the Conquered collaborated with dozens of artists to create just under 50 videos of performances covering some of his favorite songs, many of which are available to view on MaximumAmesTV.

In 2014, Christopher the Conquered was one of five Iowa Arts Council Fellows for the State of Iowa. This support in part enabled to produce his most ambitious album yet, recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll will be released in the summer of 2015.